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3/12/2009 2:07:59 PM

Bad news first, so we can move on.  Nick got a pay cut at work...well everyone did there...and I'm still on my job search.  It seems like there may be something for me at Nick's job, but we're not sure what it is or how long it will last.  In the meantime, I'm still searching, so if you hear of anything semi-permenant, I'm open.

However, life overall is going great.  We live day-to-day in our home (still no mold or spiders!) with our kitties Jack and Minou and we see Mom on a near daily basis.  Nick prought on Sunday and it was an amazing sermon.  I'm always so proud when he preaches.  He does such a good job.  Also, Dad is coming this weekend to visit, which should be fun.  He'll be here late Friday night and leave early Sunday morning.  I wish we could see him more often and for longer, but with his job and new church, it's really not possible.  Mom is excited to see him and so are we all.

We'd love to hear from some of you!  So please write us and let us know how you're doing and what you're up to!

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Graphics Tablet

2/28/2009 8:22:22 PM

I got a new graphics tablet this week (purchased as part of a woot-off at an incredible price). This is the result of playing with it:

This is the mouse that wishes me good night each night, and has me fix his ears so that I "feel needed". Photo of the actual puppet available here. The photo lacks the personality that Katie gives it though.

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BSG: No Exit (Spoilers)

2/14/2009 8:36:03 PM

"This has all happened before and it will happen again.  The cylons were created by man.  They rebelled.  Then they vanished.  Forty years later, they came back.  They evolved.  50,298 human survivors hunted by the cylons.  Eleven models are known.  One was sacrificed."

Survivor Count: 39,556

What Happened:
The episode began with these words flashing across the screen and with a reminder of the known history of the cylons.  We go back in time to see what happened to Ellen.  We see her being poisoned by Saul and her resurrecting in a ship above.  Obviously, the Centurion guarding her resurrection pod is surprised to see her and she initially seems surprised to be resurrecting as a cylon.  However, her memory returns to her quickly and she tells the Centurion that it's ok for it to help her out.  We learn quite a bit from Ellen during this episode.  Ellen and the rest of the five were the creators of the seven known models of cylons and one that was sabotaged by Brother Cavil (Number One).  Cavil (whom Ellen calls John, named after her father) destroyed the amniotic sacs of the Sevens (named Daniel) and the live bodies because he was jealous of them, though he says it's because the Daniels were flawed.  The Daniels were favorites of Ellen's.  Artistic, thoughtful and loving.  Cavil holds Ellen in a secretive cell where no one will see her besides him and is hostel toward her the entire episode.  He brings Boomer in several times to show her that the final five are weak and stupid because of their embracement of their human design.  Ellen and Cavil go back and forth throughout the episode about their differences in opinion concerning their human design.  Cavil sees it as a weakness because they are machines and should be able to do things other machines can do.  Ellen sees it as good because it broadens their horizens and creates new opportunies for thought and growth.  We find out that Cavil became so bitter, he wiped the memories of the Final Five and set them out as sort of sleeper agents, like Boomer was, in the hopes that when they came to, they would see the error of their ways.  Eventually, we get to the point when the fleet destroys the possibilitiy for resurrection.  Cavil is outraged and demands Ellen tell him how to recreate resurrection.  She explains that she would need all five of the final five to do it because she didn't have all the information.  He doesn't believe her and tells her he's going to have the Simons (Number Four) cut open her head and they'll find out how that way.  Once the Simons are ready, Cavil sends Boomer to get Ellen for surgery.  However, Boomer takes Ellen to a Raptor instead and they escape the Baseship and the Raiders the cylons sent after them.  (This happens four months in the past from where we are with the fleet.)

Sam Anders has a bullet in his neck and it's lodged in a relatively accessable spot.  He suddenly has all sorts of memories of Earth and what happened, so he asks Starbuck to get the others.  Upon the inquiring of Starbuck, he clarifies that he means Tigh, Tory, Tyrol, and Ellen so he can share with all of them.  Starbuck has to remind him that Ellen is dead (little does she know!!!) and he says "of course" and then asks for the others.  When they get there, he explains all sorts of history.  He's in and out of consciousness during the episode and while he is conscious, he's telling the story.  After his surgery, he's alive, but essentially braindead.  What we learned from Sam: The five had some sort of warning about what was going to happen to Earth, so they began to reinvent resurrection.  They had no need for it previously because they were able to procreate, but now it was necessary.  They put a ship in orbit, prepared for what would happen and their plan worked.  They resurrected on the ship and made their way to the Colonies in hopes of preventing what happened to Earth from happening to them, but they were too late.  Some sort of time-space difference made it so thousands of years on Earth had passed while they had actually only appeared in the Colonies decades in the past.  The Five found the colonial cylons and were able to meld the cylon belief in One God and human traits of mercy and love.  This resulted in the 40 year reclusion and the creation of the eight humanoid models.  When Sam mentions the eight models, Kara freaks out and asks for the Seven's name, thinking it could be her.  Sam reluctantly tells her the Seven was a male named Daniel and that he does not know what happened to her.

We only see Lee Adama and Roslin for a short time this episode.  They are in the meeting room for the Quorum of Twelve, discussing the future of the Quorum.  Lee points out that people are no longer represented by the planet they're originally from, but rather by the ship they're living in now.  Roslin agrees that the new representatives should be from the ships and says that while she will keep the title of President, she's going to let Lee do most of the work from now on.  He's honored to do whatever he can.

We also see bits of Galen Tyrol and Admiral Adama in relation to the damage of the ship.  The Admiral reinstates Tyrol as Cheif and puts him to work on the damage (making sure to point out he only wants humans working on it).  Tyrol gets people to work immediately, but soon finds out the damage is worse than expected.  Using a special device, Tyrol shows the Admiral that the damage is deep within the walls of the ship; little cracks all throughout the walls.  He explains that the Galactica is a really old ship and they cut corners when it was originally constructed; the only way to fix the ship would be through cylon put some sort of biological cylon compound that would fix the cracks as it "matured."  Adama initially, and adamantly, refuses to use cylon technology on the ship, but when he later sees giant cracks in the walls of his bathroom, he boozes himself up and calls up Tyrol, telling him to "do whatever it takes to save our girl."

What I thought:
Quick note...they've lost 10,742 humans since they first escaped the cylons...whoa...

It was interesting to see Ellen Tigh not skanky or being someone you love to hate.  My theory is that Cavil must have been so enraged at her that when he wiped their memories and put new ones in their heads, he must have made her bad, just so she would know what it was to be him.  Obviously his plan backfired.  When the Five became aware, they did not hate humans, nor did they hate their human form.  I totally called it that Boomer was going to help Ellen escape...I just wonder what it was like being trapped in a Raptor for four months...yuck.

Poor Sam...why is it that he's able to get Kara's love just as he goes braindead?  Hopefully, they don't keep him that way...that would totally blow.  It's too bad we weren't able to hear the whole story before he went out for the forseeable future.  Hopefully Ellen will fill in the blanks when she reunites with everyone...I wonder how she's going to feel about Tigh being with the Six and about how that Six is now pregnant.

It gives me hope that they're not going to drag it out or make it a whole episode (it being the re-election of the Quorum and the state of the governmental structure).  Roslin is still ok in my book after the last episode.  She redeemed herself and I think I will probably like her until she dies or the end of the series...whichever comes first.  Lee Adama will make a great leader.

Glad Tyrol gets to be Chief again...he's good at that...I'm just wondering about the reprocutions of using a biological cylon technology on the Galactica.

Now for my far-out prediction/theory concerning the Seven...I think Baltar may be the hear me out.  He has an open mind, like an artist.  He believes in a One True God, like the cylons do.  He's been seeing a Six in his head for a long long time.  AND his part in the destruction of the Colonies would have fit with Cavil's twisted plan to make those Cylons he hated regret their opinion of humanity.  Why didn't he activate at the time the others did?  I don't's just a theory.  They may not do anything at all with that Seven.

The next episode of Battlestar Galactica, "Deadlock," will air on February 20, 2009 at 10:00 PM PST.

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BSG: The Oath (Spoilers)

2/1/2009 6:07:28 PM

Mutiny is in the air this episode and it seems like there's nothing anyone can do about it.

This episode:
~The fleet is still rejecting the networking from the cylons and being very vocal about it.  Tigh and Adama have a nice long chat about this first thing.  President Roslin is in the room and coyly says she's not going to get involved with the issue.

~Gaeta helps Zarek escape from holding (Zarek kills that one engineering guy from Pegasus to assist) and he flies over to Colonial One to ruin the Quorum meeting where Lee was speaking.  He then "pushes Lee's buttons" so that he'll go over to the Galactica straight into an ambush.

~A false fire alarm is let out and Gaeta and Zarek's nasty plan is now in play.  Gaeta falsely reports corridors being filled with smoke and fire(even though air readings don't show it...he says they can't trust those because the fire has probably damaged the equipment), the communications are down from it (even though he was the one who actually cut communications between the Battlestar Galactica and the rest of the fleet), and doesn't connect calls from Starbuck (who has caught on to what was going on on the Battlestar Galactica) and Apollo (who knows what's going on on Colonial One).  Also, they have captured and put in the brig the cylons (pregnant Six, Sharon, Sam Anders) on board, Hera and Helo.

~Starbuck arms up when she sees civilians in the armory arming up and gets ready to kick some butt.  She finds Lee just in the nick of time and says that if they (including Racetrack!) don't release him, she will kill someone.  They initially don't listen so she shoots and kills random crew member #1...She restates that she will kill them all one-by-one until they release Lee...they still won't listen so she shoots, but doesn't kill, another one.  Finally, they release him and she gives him a gun.  They have a little kissy kissy and off they go to make sure the Admiral and Tigh are alright.

~Gaeta finally makes his move in the CIC and one of the Marines takes out random officer #2 during the take-over.  Two Marines escort Adama and Tigh to the brig, but halfway there, Adama kills one of them and takes another hostage.  Gaeta names himself commander (the little jerk) and has no idea Adama and Tigh never made it to the brig.

~Starbuck and Apollo make their way (kicking butt along the way) to Admiral Adama's quarters where they find Roslin with a wig on, ready to buck up and do her job.  They walk her down to Baltar's Compartment where we find Tyrol (not captured least not by the end of this episode) being a leader and organizer.  Tyrol informs them that Adama and Tigh were taken to the brig.

~The fleet is freaking out over the lack of communication with Battlestar Galactica and Gaeta calls Zarek to inform him of the new situation.  Roslin convinces Baltar to allow her to use his fleet-wide wireless so she can make a speech to the fleet to convince them that the right action is to trust the cylons at this point.  Mid-way through her speech, Gaeta figures out a way to cut her off.  Tryol escorts Baltar and Roslin to an abandoned storage bay to get them off the ship.  Baltar calls Gaeta and tries to talk him out of what he's doing, unsuccessfully.

~As Starbuck and Apollo make their way to the brig to bust out Adama and Tigh, they run into them.  Starbuck suggests that they get rid of the hostage.  She, of course, means to kill him, but Adama just lets him go.  Kara tries to kill him as he flees, but misses.  She then, turns to Adama and says "They are not your men anymore!  They are the enemy!"  They make their way to the abandoned storage unit where a Raptor being piloted by a number 8 is waiting to lift off the President and Baltar.  Roslin and Baltar get onboard, Tryol, Starbuck, and Apollo go back on the ship, and Adama and Tigh stay behind to fend off the Marines at the storage bay door.

~The episode to-be-continued us with a bomb being tossed into the storage bay compartment and a shoot-down order on the Raptor given by Gaeta.

What I think:
Have I mentioned that I absolutely cannot stand Gaeta?  This little puke honestly thinks he can run the fleet better than Adama, who has had years of experience?  I think not...there's no way this will play out the way he and Zarek want it to.  That being said, I really want Starbuck to be the one who finally finishes him'll be justice served.

As much as the mutiny sucks, Starbuck needed this episode to happen.  She just hasn't been herself since she got back from Earth.  So depressed and confused...when she realized what was happening, she was pissed...and she had a little gleam in her eye that let us know she had returned.  So glad.  Can't wait to see what she does next.  Also, I wonder where that Apollo/Starbuck kiss will take us...we'll see...

Honestly, had Roslin stepped up to the plate in the first place, I don't think we'd be dealing with all of these issues right now.  It's one of the reasons I can't stand her.  She does the wrong thing until the last minute when she does the right thing, but she does the right thing too late.  Way to go, Roslin.

I really wish that the preview for next week's episode didn't spoil so much.  It pretty much announced that Tigh is dead and Adama is blind.  I don't know if Tigh is really dead...I guess we'll have to see.  Maybe he and Ellen will return together.  Either way, they left us on a cliff hanger this week and we have to wait a whole week until we have some closure here.  Hopefully, things will turn out alright...hopefully.

Survivor Count: 39,643

The next episode, "Blood on the Scales," will air Friday, February 6, 2009 at 10:00 PM PST.

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It's All Over

1/27/2009 10:59:02 AM

Saturday, the spotting started, then just about 24 hours later on the dot, the bleeding started.  I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into when I thought I could do this miscarriage naturally.  It was, literally, the worst experience psychologically and physiologically (9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10) I've ever been through.  We ended up staying the night at the Emergency Room, had to leave at 6:30 AM, then return by 10:00 AM for my procedure.

When the doctor arrived for the procedure, she wanted to do an ultrasound to make sure there was still something there to remove.  There was still a small amount left.  The baby had passed at some point Sunday night, but we don't know when.  It would have been nice to know the moment.  I digress.  She said it could potentially be 2 more weeks of waiting before the rest past and I knew I just couldn't handle that waiting or the physical pain from it.  So we went ahead with the procedure.

I got to come home yesterday, but I'm still recovering today and probably will be for the next few days.  I'm taking Percocet (Oxycodone) right now, which has me a bit loopy, but I'm lucid enough right now I thought I'd update everyone. 

This is my final piece of 2 cents worth.  If you ever experience miscarriage, make it YOUR choice on whether you go through it naturally or by procedure.  Educate yourself.  Don't think people are exaggerating when you read about it being like labor pains or so painful they can't bear it.  From my experience, I'll never do it naturally again if I have the choice.  If you feel ok with doing it naturally, by all means, do it.  Just remember how painful it is mentally and physically.

It's all over now.  The healing can begin emotionally and physically.  I appreciate all of your prayers and thoughts and know that you will continue to keep Nick and I in your prayers.

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