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I'm an uncle!

4/16/2009 12:29:31 AM

Erik Champ Hinderman
Weight: 7 lbs 3 oz
Length: 19 in
Birth Date/Time: 11:42pm on tax day

Posted by: nick

Death and Taxes

4/14/2009 11:24:58 AM

Which is worse? Just kidding. We finally did them last night... Why can't the government simplify things for us or at least stop taking so much?

I digress, I have a promising job interview with Regence in Seattle tomorrow. I went in for a typing test a couple weeks ago and they called me back! Hopefully, this will work out. As you know, I've been searching for a job for a really long time and this would be awesome! I would be working in the same building as Lewis, Julie, and Emily.

Speaking of Emily, she's just about ready to pop. Champ is taking his sweet time coming, but hopefully he'll be coming soon. For the last week or so, we've all been sitting on pins and needles thinking tonight could be the night, but then he doesn't.

So, overall, life is good. This Easter weekend was a great reminder of what really matters in life. Christ. Christ died and rose again for us and we're not to worry about things. Why? This seems so difficult...and God knows I have plenty to worry about. Medical bills are piling up from the miscarriage, my HCG levels are still not normal (meaning we can't start trying for a baby again yet), taking care of my mom, not having a job, and a number of other things. All these things have been consuming my every thought, but that's not the way it's supposed to be.

Christ didn't die and rise again so I can worry about life...he did it so I could truly live life.

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3/30/2009 5:18:25 PM
Random note: I got Twitter over the weekend, so if you're on there, let me know! You can follow me...I'm not extremely active, so you won't have to worry about too much spam :P

Posted by: katie

Poor UI Design

3/27/2009 2:36:56 AM

Let me preface this by stating that I have been developing software for the last 10 years, and have quite a bit of experience using all sorts of esoteric technology. Despite this experience, a simple feature of the Windows shell has eluded me for years: the move option in the taskbar.

it has been there for quite a while now, mocking me, and mocking you. When a window is just off-screen and you want to get at it, you reach for it. You see the title of the program in the task bar. You right-click, select move, and pray. Your mouse pointer changes to the North-South-East-West arrows, indicating that it should be able to move something. Unfortunately the power is not in your mouse, no the power is in your arrow keys. I'll bet your first move was not to reach for those, was it? It most certainly wasn't for me.

This has got to be the most unintuitive UI design in the product. Don't make the user press a key randomly to get their mouse to do what its icon is already promising. Skip the arrow keys, and give the mouse the power. The end.

Posted by: nick

Volunteer Work & VPN

3/24/2009 1:26:53 PM

So right now, I'm doing some volunteer work at Nick's employer testing courseware. I'm also searching for a job, but I have still had no success. Continue to keep your ears open and your prayers lifting up for us in that arena.

Also, this great new game has been released. It's still in BETA, so it's a bit limited and there are a couple bugs, but it is so much fun! It's called Vikings, Pirates, Ninjas (VPN for short). You get to choose whether to be a Viking, Pirate, or Ninja and go on a journey to become a great one! There are shops and auctions and quests and there will be much more in the future. Go to check it out! If you sign up, look me up. I'm the Pirate Katie Hawkins!

Posted by: katie

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